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Drawing Erasers

A. Click eraser
B. Electric eraser
C. Another click eraser
E. BluTack - both strip and glob
F. Kneadable eraser - new pack and glob

Click Erasers. These erasers are very much like mechanical pencils. They carry a refill eraser stick that is extended by pressing the plunger on the top of the barrel.  They are good for removal of large amounts of graphite that requires some rubbing to remove. They also excel for my method of doing hair and beards. Use a razor blade or scrub to flatten the end of the eraser refill. This gives a sharp edge on the sides. Use this edge to lift off individual hairs. Depending on the pressure used, you can get very fine lines from these. Be careful to always clean the residue with a brush though because it will embed in the paper if you go over it with a pencil leaving a black mark. If this happens, you can remove it easily using the eraser once more and then brushing and retoning.

Electric Eraser. There are several of these available. This one was inexpensive and runs on batteries. It is really more of a luxury item though. I find it somewhat awkward to hold and control. The only time I really use it is to clean up eye catchlights when they discolor from smudging. The same caveat about residue applies to these as to the click erasers however.

BluTack. This is a product by Bostik originally used to adhere posters and papers to walls. There are some available from other companies though I have never tries these. I have heard some stories though about these others leaving stains on the paper. I have never heard of this with the Bostik brand. What makes this eraser so special is the tacky consistency which actually grabs the graphite and removes it. Other erasers move it around with some absorption. BluTack actually removes the graphite by lifting. To use it, shape it to whatever you need and dab the paper. If you need to lift larger areas I roll it into a ball and roll it over the area I wish to lighten. This stuff is really amazing - I would not even consider beginning a drawing without it.

Kneadable Eraser. This is a rubber eraser that can be shaped. It can be dabbed like BluTack but it is not as effective. I use it by dragging, primarily to remove smudges. At the end of a drawing or of a sitting, for instance, I will drag it around the periphery to remove the inadvertent smudging that invariably happens. It is important to keep your working surface as clean as possible.

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